McDade Furniture specialises in
fully handcrafted wood products,
made to original designs.
New Zealand Made

Certified craftsman Hugh McDade uses traditional
wood-working tools and techniques to make
all-natural household items with retro-modern styling.

McDade Furniture is known for an excellent
quality product and exceptional service.
Attention to detail is the key – no computerised design
shortcuts here – each item is unique and finished literally
"by hand" with care and attention given to every individual piece.

The large rural workshop is committed to responsible production,
using 100% recycled timber and all-natural, non-toxic adhesives and finishes.

Hugh has been working with wood since he was a small boy
playing with blocks in his father’s cabinetry workshop.
Every piece is completely hand assembled, using traditional methods of
manufacture and built on machines which have been handed down from father to son.

The signature McDade collection is solely made up of designs, which have been
refined through decades of face to face contact with his customers at markets.
With each item sold, Hugh has said “If something goes wrong,
bring it back and I’ll replace it”. Not one single piece has been
returned in over 20 years of manufacturing and face to face sales.

Hugh's Profile Picture
McDade Furniture is a family owned business, committed to their
community, proud to support neighbouring pre-schools and kindys,
and tutoring at the local Men’s Shed.

Hugh is proud to be a member of The International Woodworking Guilds
in Canada, USA, and Australia.

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